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Looking for more Dragon City friends and neighbors? In the following article, we will show you how to find more friends and neighbors for Dragon City and what it can be useful for you to play with as many players as possible and the friend list is great. Already some time ago we reported on the successful Dragon City and also wrote some tips and tricks to the app. Even then, we have often said how useful it is to have many friends in the app. Not only can you get some free precious stones, but also in some missions and tasks you need the help of friends. So one needs the friends among other things for the country extensions above but also for the habitats, which in turn are important for more dragons. Furthermore one needs friends also still for the dragon market, with which we have so far not so intensely put apart. In any case, you need friends for many things in Dragon City, so we would like to offer you a chance to search for more players and neighbors.

Why do you need friends in Dragon City

As mentioned above, it is not only that the friends in Dragon City are just needed for the game, but there are certain tasks in which the friends are badly needed if you do not want to invest your precious stones immediately. The same is true of the country extensions, while one can get this with many friends quite quickly, one stands without friends quite badly. Also here you can buy diamonds the country extensions directly again, but why should not the precious diamonds save for more important things.

Dragon City find friends made easy

If you are looking for more friends for Dragon City or dragon city hack gems, then you can easily search for others. In this article we would like to offer you the possibility to search for other friends and neighbors. Just leave the link to your Facebook profile in the comments, so you can add other players to their friends list.

Alternatively, you can add already published entries in the comments to your friend list in Dragon City. So you can quickly find more friends and neighbors for the app.

Now you are asked, leave the link to your Facebook profile and find more Dragon City friends.


Dragon City: Cheats, tips and tricks for iOS and Android

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dragon city cheats

Create your own magical world! The Android and iOS app Draong City makes it possible. Here you collect hundreds of dragons and have to breed these to breed as the greatest dragon master through the magical world of Dragon City. Here you can find tips and tricks to Dragon City on Android, iPhone, iPad and Facebook.

In Dragon City, you are master of your group of dragons that you need to feed, breed, and raise. At the same time, the dragons should feel comfortable and have a nice home. In addition, you can send your powerful kite into the battle and fight against other dragon breeders online in the fight.

In the meantime more than 100 different dragons are available in Dragon City. The dragon repertoire is also regularly extended. For the first dragon in Dragon City you need an egg. Without a nest, no egg, so you have to take care of your castle at the beginning of the game. This is just at the beginning of the game however rather a small, inconspicuous building. The dragons are divided into ten different types:

Ice cream

In addition to the primary task of raising your dragon, additional objectives and tasks have to be fulfilled in Dragon City. In addition to the construction of certain buildings, for example, you regularly have the task of breeding a special kite.

At the beginning of the game, you will be introduced to a tutorial with the control of Dragon City. From the very beginning, you have to fulfill small tasks, which will take you in the course of the game. In addition to the learning factor of the tutorials, which bring you closer to the control, you also get rewarding, which you can use in the further course for the breeding of the dragons by fulfilling the first tasks. Currently, there are some 160 different tasks in Dragon City, which will bring you various rewards in the form of precious gems, gold and delicious food for your dragon arsenal to your account. In order to conquer the world with your kite, you must first cherish, nurture and feed with tomatoes. Only from level 4 the dragon can explore the vastness of Dragon City.

Dragon City: Tips for Building Buildings

Like any free app, Dragon City also has its own premium currency. Here the precious gems are the rare good that you should only spend wisely. Anyone who deals sparingly with the precious gems can fill his account quickly here, after all, lots of Dragon City gems are distributed free of charge. Of course, you can also get to the premium currency by using the app. Who does not want to spend real money, gets precious gems

The solving of goals and tasks

In addition to free precious gems, the tasks also bring you valuable food and gold for dragon kiting. Also, by struggling against other dragon breeders you reach precious gems, but you can get gems and gold using dragon city hack.

Dragon City: Gold

In addition to the precious gems, gold is the most important cash in Dragon City. Gold can be obtained by selling already bred dragons. In addition, you can collect the precious gold in your fortress. In particular, jade dragons are suitable for sale, after all, these bring you the most currency in your cashbox with 100,000 gold. For this, however, you must reach level 18. The relationship to the breeding season and the selling price is also true of the Medieval dragons.

Dragon City: New friends

As with many current games, Dragon City also has a large number of playing friends and neighbors. You can invite them via app, but ideally, via Facebook, to become part of your Dragon City crew. The more friends you have, the bigger your castle will be. If you are looking for new Dragon City friends on Facebook, you can share them in the comments.

Dragon City: Cheats

Of course, the question about Dragon City cheat codes is also coming up. Although there are various guides around the net that promise you Dragon City cheats, but usually hide here as Trojans and viruses. In the normal case, you will be prompted to complete a survey online and download an additional program that promises you Dragon City cheats. Here, however, there are no free gems, but a subscription-trap with keyloggers. Are you looking for Dragon city free gems and gold, change in the comments and become Dragon City neighbors.

Dragon City is free to download in the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store, as well as a Facebook game.